Every human being can learn to make music.
If this language is introduced at an early age, it is never forgotten.
We sit and sing, shake our shakers, pound drums, dance and immerse ourselves
in the life force called MUSIC.
Classes are open to children 0-5 years old with a caregiver and last 45 minutes.


Since the late 80's, Kath, besides a songwriter, has also been an Arts Educator. She has taught and performed at the Nutmeg School of Ballet, Artwell Gallery, and the Litchfield Community Center, in addition to many libraries, foster homes, nursing homes, and psychiatric hospitals in Cornwall, New Hartford, Thomaston and other locations throughout Northwest Connecticut.

Kath has instructed her "Music for Babies", for 16 years. She has developed and facilitated latch key afterschool programs and conducted "Folk Choruses" of all ages. Kath has written many songs for children.

Kath believes that redirecting chaotic and potentially harmful emotional pain into creative energy can, without a doubt, transform the lives of  children and adults!

Call 860-201-3528 today to register, or email MusicWithKath@gmail.com


Suzanne Barlow:  "Kath is an extraordinary musician who passes along her love of music to the children she teaches.  She respects the individual natures of the children in her classes and works to make music come alive for each child.  Kath runs an engaging and lively class that no child should miss." 

Lori Cushman: "My son Evan, now age 4,  started music class with Kath when he was just 5 months old.  His reaction to her and to her music was nothing less than amazing.   Kath instinctively understands how to reach even the smallest children and coax out their natural born creativity.   In the process, she creates invaluable moments of bonding between the parent and the child.  I am convinced that Evan will have a lifelong passion for music, and we are grateful to Kath for opening up this world for him."

Write for info on various classes in Litchfield County, Ct.

Kath has naturally trained and ridden horses for many years. She has also taught riding to kids, some with special needs.