• "Devastating songwriting."- NPR Song of the Day

  • "Man, just go see Kath Bloom. You could say she's  a folk singer, but the raw emotions in her voice weighed against her celestial guitar tones creates a transcendant energy." -Chad Radford, CL Music Editor"One of the most beautiful singers ever. Heartbreaking." -Devendra Banhart
  • Bloom sounds like a woman who has spent years in the wilderness... An earthy, unpretentious presence, she can snap a heart like a twig -Pitchfork

  • she played Bubble Bath which was absolutely beautiful and she has a
  • great lead player in Dave. ..dig deep with Kath. She's a bottomless well of genius and purity..Kath is the brightest light in any room she occupies" Jeff
  • Gallagher Boston Hassle
  • "One of this country’s finest living songwriters." -Andria Spring

  • "Kath's voice is urgent and yet calming - a call of reckoning" -Nat Hentoff

  • "Her unearthly, yet increasingly rugged, voice tackles a sentiment . . . in 
    a way that cuts away the cliché aspect and makes it honest. And then 
    she’ll add to it a thought that takes it beyond that level, to feel like poetry, 
    and then like revelation, like unbarring the secrets around us" -Dave Heaton

  • "If you're after some real emotion from one of America's undiscovered 
    greats then look no further." -Boomkat

  • "The courageous majesty of Bloom's music is there in its cutting simplicity and in its poetry . . . there is not one thing even slightly derivative about Bloom – a modern rarity."-Melissa Osborne

  • "May just be the purest, most natural heir to the literate confessional 
    songwriting of Joni Mitchell's Blue -Steven Rosen


    On Kath Bloom, Legendary Lesser-Known by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer